I am 26… the absolute truth

I received a message from someone, that said, “How are things going”… which is basically what you say to everyone, cause it is polite… and you expect a simple polite return like, “great, busy though” or whatever… but, I’m weird… and I feel weird so my answer was…

Good… I just have school… one class really, with three online classes… mostly one big party… everything seems weird… I haven’t worked at all in three weeks, but money seems to appear when I need it. My birthday was Wednesday, so I’m officially 26, which didn’t really bother me… but now it is kinda weird… I don’t understand that… cause it really doesn’t change anything, but at the same time, it is like a symbol of something… and I don’t even know what… It doesn’t really matter, and I suppose this weird feeling will pass… but I think it is kinda funny that it would have any affect on me. What ever… you should keep on rockin’ in the free world, and I will too.

on another note it snowed today, which sucked cause it was so sunny the last three days…. and I wanted to BBQ so I got my propane tank filled up and bought everything for hamburgers… then it snowed… so that is really funny. I barbecued anyway… I don’t need the sun…

Which basically sums up how I feel… the honest truth… the kind that you really shouldn’t tell anyone, even though it makes you feel better for a brief moment… like you got something off your chest… but then you instantly regret it cause it is too true… and makes you too vulnerable… and I’m not the type to talk about that kinda crap… but, I guess I am… and I guess I really don’t care… cause while my first thought was to erase it and send a simplified answer… my second thought was to post it here, cause I thought that would be pretty funny… cause it hardly makes sense… but that is the point…


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