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The Heathen Devil Serpent Snaking Through the Streets of San Francisco


I kinda had a different description that came to mind, but my brother thought that was a nice way to describe it. Not necessarily accurate… but colorful, and it does have a nice ring to it… although slightly offensive to some people… It was the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco… which apparently is the largest Chinese New Year Parade, outside of China… but it was rather small this year cause it was raining… but we weren’t even going there for the parade… we had gone down to see family, and just lucked out.

We had cruised down on Friday so that Dan could go on a ride-along with my cousin Glenno, who is a Police officer down there… he had a good time there was a crazy lady dumping kerosene all over her apartment building and threatening to burn it down… and when they got there she wouldn’t open the door… so the police kicked down her door and cuffed her… then when she was being walked out she looked at Dan and said, “You make me sick. I hope you f*#%ing die.” So it goes without saying he had a pretty good time… anyway the next day we dropped in on my cousin in the big city, and I was ready with my new shirt that I made especially for the trip…
Just so that there was no doubt why I was taking so many pictures… and we heard on the radio that it was the Chinese New Year Parade… we were there to party so that worked out great. Parade, bar, parade, bar, shopping/corporate espionage, pizza, bar. It was a pretty good system and filled our whole night with constant entertainment. My impression of the Chinese New Year Parade was that it was much like all the parades I have seen… Rogue River Rooster Crow, and Portland Electric Light Rose Parade. Only Rogue River isn’t very long and it is warm summertime goodness, And in Portland all the bands play “Louie Louie,”… Chinese New Year was filled with plastic wrapped dragons (to protect from the rain), and very cold looking Chinese people. The small children looked particularly miserable. I was having a blast though. We were hopping from bar to bar… then we ducked into Urban Outfitters… we weren’t really in a shopping mood… but Erica was in a Hat mood… and she had a valid point that you don’t even have to buy the stuff as long as you get good pictures….
The door man/boy told us we had to stop taking pictures cause “store policy”… they are scared of Corporate Espionage
… so we ran to the other side of the store
Then when that lost it’s fun we were of like a shotgun… Dan was having a real good time… there was a very serious man taking a picture of his family… he had them all organized and ready… and he had a really nice camera… we were all waiting to get by…and all the poor man ended up getting a picture of this… with his family in the background….
I had Dan re-enact it so I could explain it properly…
Then we rode met up with Glenno and Tammy and we rode a real live San Francisco Trolley
Then pizza… then more bars…. the best way to describe the night is “party eye”… I promised my cousin that I wouldn’t post any pictures of him… but I didn’t promise him I wouldn’t post any pictures of He-man with the “Party Eye”
Party eyed he man
You can distinctly see the “party eye” and the “sleepy eye”… I think it was time to go home… wait… “party eye”
Party eye sleepy eye
It was so much fun… I miss that “party eye”.