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I am such a burden

I have never felt so worthless… and yet optimistic… at the same time. I have missed yet another Ugly Face Wednesday… probably relating to me being somewhat homeless… oh and yesterday was my grandmothers 87th birthday. We had a great party with lots of little kids, pony rides, blackberry picking, and chocolate cake… who could ask for more… so I don’t regret missing yesterdays UFW, however the other two were completely uncalled for, unnecessary, and I must make amends…. which leads me to my optimistic theme… I predict that this weekend will be the best weekend ever… and very productive to boot… I hope to make a video for June Marie, something spectacular to make up for the missed UFWs, and paint my first painting. We will have to see how this pans out…. oh and I would like to learn to play the fiddle… not necessarily this weekend, but I would like to start learning this weekend… oh, we will see… I just bet you are all on the edge of your seats…
This is Little Reago riding Dandy which we originally got for Danny 18 years ago…
Little Reago and Dandy and Danny


Nothing but a bum

I know… I not only missed an Ugly Face Wednesday… I missed two Ugly Face Wednesdays, which means I better do something spectacular for next Wednesday, or give up on everything. Life has been pretty exciting for me lately. Yesterday brother found an ad on Craigslist for a windsurfing board… for only fifty bucks!!!! so guess what I did today… I ate some pizza… but before that I was windsurfing all day… I haven’t finished the roll of film that we used today, so I don’t have any pictures of our amazing windsurfing adventures, but I do have a couple from the yard yesterday.

Last night I went to the Tuff Trucks at the Josephine County Fair that was good fun, I saw a truck catch on fire, and a bunch rolled, and I saw a guy with way stupid-big tires blow a driveline… so yeah a real good time…. which reminds me of last Friday when I saw somebody hit a fire hydrant with their car… it was not charged with water, because it was under construction… but it was still very impressive…
Oh and my friend Josh’s band June Marie played a show at the Gap in the mall… that was great… So I am working on a video for that, and a couple other projects… and I’m going to bed now and I am not even going to proof read this… maybe I will do it later… yeah… right…


Smokestack Blacktop Novacane Boy

This weeks UFW is inspired by a root canal. Delicious.