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A Baby Seal Walks Into A Club… Ouch!

So I see this article of an international news  story “More than 50 sea lions massacred in Galapagos“… now as I’m reading I see this quote “The sea lions, including 13 pups, died because of a strong blow from someone. It was a massacre whose motives the prosecutor’s office must clarify,” Carrion told AFP… Carrion…. the guys name is Victor Carrion… the Galapagos National Park official… his name is Victor Carrion… now I happen to have the worst spelling skills… and not the best vocabulary… so I google search “Carrion”… and… it comes up….

car·ri·on (kărē-ən) pronunciation

Dead and decaying flesh.

On a story about a bunch of rotten seal carcasses  the Galapagos National Park sends their spokesperson “Victor Carrion”…. I thought it was ironic… that is all.


I Have the Cure

No, not the band… no I have the cure for my weirdness… it comes with the diagnosis… I was obviously feeling weird because I am 26 and feel that I haven’t accomplished anything… well I no longer have this feeling of weirdness. This “cure” came with the announcement of last years “King Neckbeard”…. Think about it and check it out… in the 2007 gallery… at…

I think the best part is I really feel like I deserve it… it is something that I put a lot of work into and… I really feel like that work paid off… I would like to thank my parents for the genetics to pull this off, and I would like to thank all my friends who supported my through the time… my friend and boss Jesse… my friends Shawn, Josh, Erica, Samantha who hung out with me in public even though they didn’t have neckbeards. All of you are great… and I would like to thank Dan, who went through the whole ordeal with me and himself was crowned Co-King Neckbeard…. Thank You… I love you all!!! Thank you Dickbird for this amazing opportunity…


I am 26… the absolute truth

I received a message from someone, that said, “How are things going”… which is basically what you say to everyone, cause it is polite… and you expect a simple polite return like, “great, busy though” or whatever… but, I’m weird… and I feel weird so my answer was…

Good… I just have school… one class really, with three online classes… mostly one big party… everything seems weird… I haven’t worked at all in three weeks, but money seems to appear when I need it. My birthday was Wednesday, so I’m officially 26, which didn’t really bother me… but now it is kinda weird… I don’t understand that… cause it really doesn’t change anything, but at the same time, it is like a symbol of something… and I don’t even know what… It doesn’t really matter, and I suppose this weird feeling will pass… but I think it is kinda funny that it would have any affect on me. What ever… you should keep on rockin’ in the free world, and I will too.

on another note it snowed today, which sucked cause it was so sunny the last three days…. and I wanted to BBQ so I got my propane tank filled up and bought everything for hamburgers… then it snowed… so that is really funny. I barbecued anyway… I don’t need the sun…

Which basically sums up how I feel… the honest truth… the kind that you really shouldn’t tell anyone, even though it makes you feel better for a brief moment… like you got something off your chest… but then you instantly regret it cause it is too true… and makes you too vulnerable… and I’m not the type to talk about that kinda crap… but, I guess I am… and I guess I really don’t care… cause while my first thought was to erase it and send a simplified answer… my second thought was to post it here, cause I thought that would be pretty funny… cause it hardly makes sense… but that is the point…


Portland, Oregon… Birthday Extravaganza 2008

This last weekend was amazing… action packed… crazy… naked… wild… I don’t even know… It all started on a mild sunny Friday… the plan was to celebrate Erica’s birthday… did we accomplish that… you be the judge. Josh, Hilary, and I drove up and checked into our room, we met Richie up there… then we walked around, went to Powell’s Books, then walked around some more. Portland is a nice little town…. we are Southern Oregon rednecks… let the fun begin…


Funny?…. well….

No Sitting, Standing, or Leaning

Kinda…. Shhhhh!!!!

What did they expect people to do….
I like this one cause it is a good demonstration of the food chain… Primary consumer, secondary consumer, and top consumers….

and that was just the first two hours… by then Dan and Erica had arrived and checked into their room… and Jon showed up… and we went to see a rock show at the Tonic Lounge… So we show up at the Tonic to see Baby Dana and The Crash Engine.IMG_0625 It was a whole lot of fun. Real nice guys and good music… a real good show. After the Crash Engine we helped them load up their gear and came back inside to see the next band, Royal HouserIMG_0731… I was really anticipating them, based purely on the fact that these guys were by far the coolest looking guys in the room. I had actually heard a couple of their songs online, but their live show was even better. The crowd was going nuts, the band was just rocking the place… if you ever get the chance to see them play don’t miss it… after they were done I wanted to ask if it would be alright to use their music in my next movie, so I went up to buy a CD. The guitar player, Peter was surrounded by people trying to talk to all the people and sell the merchandise at the same time… so I’m standing in line and Sam, the bass player walks up and introduces himself, and I thought “wow these guys are the nicest guys in the world”, so I shake his hand and tell him my name, and he’s like, “yeah, I saw your videos online. I really liked the Mexican one.” So that was pretty cool, that is the first time I have been recognized by anyone, cause only like 50 people have seen my videos. So I talked to the guys for a little while longer, and they are the nicest guys in the world… and they said that I could use their music… which is going to be really sweet.

Then we loaded up in Jon’s truck and went back to the hotel. It was great, we picked up some beer and started hanging out. We had three different rooms on three different floors so we bounced around a little and decided that Johns room had the best view, so was naturally the best party spot. So there we are partying, enjoying the view… and then we notice that we aren’t the only ones… there were four girls in their underwear in the room across the street dancing, dirty, really dirty in the window. So we start dancing dirty, but fully clothed… then the girls start flashing us, but we can’t really see them that well, so we had to watch them for a while and discuss whether they are indeed flashing us… and by the end we were sure that the were… although we still couldn’t really see them… we could just see things like the silhouette of a bra in their hand and stuff… but still that’s pretty cool… and we don’t really know if they were super hot, or complete dogs… but I would like to think that they are super models… Then we went to the Pita Pit and came back… and they were still dancing… but we were tired and had to go to bed… when we woke up we went to breakfast/lunch at Hot Lips Pizza and then hit the Hawthorn district thrift stores, which is always fun, I found some really cool pants, but they were just a little too big… but I should have gotten them anyway…
Flash Dance Ass Pants
I think that the only way to describe these would be… um… Flash Dance Ass Pants… well not really but I love saying that… the rest of the day was a blur of fun… we went to the Montage and I had some Alligator Jambalaya, then we went to a hockey game and watched the Winter Hawks get beat by the Seattle thunderbirds, then we went back to the hotel room… and looked out Jon’s window… “hot naked girls”… no… “fat naked man”… yes, so fat naked man and some girl were in their hot tub, and out and whatever… not near as fun as hot naked girls… even though like with the hot naked girls, you couldn’t really see anything, just the thought of fat naked man put a damper on the fun… so we went back to Josh and Hilary’s room… and got kicked out after several noise complaints… we were singing… I threw the Portland phone book a couple times… Dan and I had a wrestling match… apparently it was too much… so back to Jon’s room… along the way Dan played us some elevator music on his guitfiddle… we thought it was so pleasant that Dan and I thought others might enjoy it also… so we just hung out on the elevator and played for people… it was a hit… great weekend… so much more happened and I want to tell the whole story but I fear that I have already gone too far… so I will spare you… but if you want to know more… take me out to coffee, or lunch or something… and I will fill your ears with my tales of adventure.


Going Nowhere…. Fast… Real Fast!!!

There are the things you want to do…. and the responsible things you should do. Some people tell you, “you don’t really have anything tying you down… you should go do something exciting and fun.”… and I wanted to move to Portland, cause I think it would be exciting and fun. Then some people say, “Why would you move to Portland?”… but you ignore them… but then when it comes time to move, you have no place to live… and no money… and you know that if you move, you will either starve to death in a cold alley… or end up leeching off your friends… and inevitably move home… but there is a possibility that you could make it work… but then you realize that you will be 26 this month and have nothing to show for it… and your grandparents are old, and you should spend time with them ( I have been saying this for seven years… and hope to say it for another seven)… and things here are easy… and I can get just as good an education…. and they have majors here like “Communications” I can do that… Journalism… minor in video production… I think so… I have always liked this town… plus I am determined to make my greatest film idea ever… “Medford Vice”… think about it… it will be better than it sounds… look forward to the trailer and then the feature film… it will happen… it has to… we were gonna start shooting for the trailer this weekend… but now we are going snowboarding at Mt. Shasta… so I will put it off…. but it will be done.