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I killed a baby fish….

sorry… I didn’t mean to…. he shouldn’t have been living there in the first place….

So here is the story…. there might even be a moral you can learn from this….. so my brother and I are hanging out at my grandmothers house my Aunt and Cousin are visiting…. my Aunt and my Mom are Tie-dying shirts… why… I don’t know, I guess cause they are a bunch of hippies… but anyway my brother Dan and I are bored, so Dan suggests heading down to the irrigation pond to see if we can pull out some bass. There is rumors that there are bass in there, but who knows, I’ve never seen it…. it is just a gross irrigation pond. We are only fishing for like five minutes when I get a bite, and the fish takes it hard…. and I’m like “Brodie get the net!!!” when I get the thing reeled in I realize that it is a baby 12 inch trout…. trout shouldn’t even be living in this pond…. anyway I don’t want to eat anything out of the sludge…. so I try to release him… but he came back to me floating belly up…. apparently I ripped his gills out of his mouth and they don’t live well like that…… I felt kinda bad… oh well…. I guess I’m just a born killer…. you can really see it when you look into my beady little eyes…..
Baby Fish
…oh and sorry I was wrong… I guess there was no moral.


I have nothing to say to you.

Well not exactly nothing…. but hardly anything of note. I have been working quite a bit. Last weekend I did something cool… but I can’t remember what it was…… I am tired and hungry right now…. but rather than sleeping or eating I am looking at weird drawings online…. I would like to share them with you; I think that I’ll keep them secret instead….. for a while anyway…. you could never understand my reasoning…. they are very interesting, and remind me that I have a friend that looks like a Shel Silverstein drawing…. thats all.



My life is great. As boring as it is to read about…. it was pretty fun to live it. I went camping with Josh, Hilary, Jesse, Laci, Byron, Dan, Erica, Scott, Tasha, and Alex. All the campgrounds we went to were full and we were worried that we wouldn’t have a place to stay, finally we found the KOA north of Crescent City. It was surprisingly nice. Friday we were looking for driftwood to take back to camp and we ended up going up these back roads looking for beach access, and found some really strange stuff. There was this tipped-over box van that looked like someone was living in it and four abandoned boats. It was pretty creepy. Saturday we went up to Harris Beach which was nice, then afterwards we went out to creepyville to show Dan, Erica, Scott, and Tasha the boats and truck.
Jesse ventured up the road a ways and said that there were people living in a trailer and they had stolen a porta-potty, cut the back out and parked it halfway over a pond….. classy livin’ if you ask me. Then we hung out on the beach, and Hilary got very zen on us…
“Very Zen”
Us….well we were a little less “Zen” but still pretty “F#*$ing Cool” all the same.

Then on Sunday we loaded up camp and went surfing…. I didn’t get any good surfing pictures,
but I did get one of this Jelly-fish that was hanging around…. we saw several of them, we didn’t know what kind they were, we also didn’t know if they stung or not, and luckily never found out. But it was a whole lotta fun. Good kicks! I really need to get out there more often.