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What I like about blogging.

It is 2:39 in the morning. I really should either be typing my paper for my Geography final, or doing my Math assignments that I neglected to do, or my biology final, or my music final… or maybe sleeping… but no… I am blogging… what is nice about blogging is that all my friends can find out everything cool that I have done, without even talking to me… so basically… I guess that is why I don’t talk to many of them anymore… so, maybe blogs suck… well… I actually started this blog during finals week one term… cause I wanted to write… but not write my papers that were due at the time… I haven’t actually written anything I have been proud of lately… I don’t even write good papers for school… I know I can get away with turning in absolute crap… so I do… and it is obvious cause Josh and I are taking the same classes… and he writes really good papers… and we get the same grade… my paragraphs don’t even flow together… anyway next term I am taking an imaginative writing class… so I hope I can still write… I hope to get the trailer filmed for “Medford Vice” during spring break… I know that you are supposed to make the trailer out actual movie footage, but I don’t play by the rules…. I also want to get posters and t-shirts done…. it is all about the merchandising… anyway I am going to sleep now….


Best Day Ever

Why not… why can’t it be the best day ever… not much happened today… I went to school, and didn’t do my school work…. and i got a haircut… I always forget how good it feels to have short hair. This is the first time that I have ever tried to get a haircut that isn’t really short. I usually grow my hair out until I can’t stand it… it takes about a year… then I get it cut down to about an inch… but this time I was brave… I went to Jade at 4th Street Beauty Co…. and I didn’t even know what to ask for… so I asked for “seventies shaggy”… and she’s like, “about half as long as it is right now?”… yeah… and I got the best haircut I have ever had… just like that… and I’m pretty stoked on it… I think I’m gunna hold off on going to SOU for one more term… but when I do I think I will major in “English and Writing”… cause it will look better when I apply for the Masters in Teaching… it is the smart thing to do…

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