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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas
We don’t necessarily celebrate the same as everyone else. But I have noticed that there are a lot of people in this valley that shoot clay pidgeons on Thanksgiving and Christmas.IMG_0317 As a matter of fact, Grants Pass, OR was sold out of clay pigeons on Christmas Eve… we had to drive into Medford to get… six boxes… our five hundred shells went really quick. In the competition we had a four way tie between: Myself, Matt, Dad, and Alex. We then went into sudden death round, where if you missed you were eliminated. I was eliminated on the first round; Matt was eliminated on the second round. Dad and Alex went back and fourth for about eight more rounds, until finally Dad won. It would have been a crime if an Alden didn’t win the Alden Family Shootout. It was quite a beautiful day on the mountain… and we made quite a mess, but I assure you we did clean it up. On Christmas Day, Dan and I made yet another film. Enjoy.
Necesito Mi Beano


Laughing at your own jokes

I hear that it is bad to laugh at your own jokes…. but… I can’t help it if I’m funny… I made this stupid little video yesterday with Jon Partridge… I just can’t get enough of it… I’ve watched it at least 20 times and I still chuckle… I think it is the music… I don’t know… I could be just dumb…
Bandido vs. Secret Agent


Life is coming up all Sevens!!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I really do love my life. “My life is good, My life is rreeeal Goood, It’s The BESSST!” I am sitting here drinking a nice cold soda pop reflecting on the week I have had. Last Saturday I was sitting here thinking, “this is great I have all weekend to get my homework done, not just the assignments for this week, but for the whole term.” But Josh wanted me to go to Las Vegas. My younger self would have jumped at the chance and damn the consequences… but I am much stronger than that now. I am responsible. I had homework to do…. but then Josh asked again… I am strong… but I went to Vegas anyway… It was absolutely amazing. So much fun. As soon as I decided to go I went immediately to the store and bought a new digital camera. My old one met an early demise. The new one is great, I don’t know how I got along without it. With the other, I had so many missed shots, so many lost memories. With this one… Well it gets the job done. We went to so many casinos, saw so many sites. It was just about as much fun as you can have in four days. I had stayed up ’till 3:00 a.m. doing my homework… and that is when we left…. it is a fourteen hour drive. I slept while Josh and Hilary drove. We got into town at 7:00 p.m. as soon as we were checked in, we were in the casinos… I would have to say that my favorite casinos is New York New York, it was fun walking around the shops that are in little miniaturized buildings
Second favorite was The Paris Casino….
I don’t have any shots of the inside… cause I was too mesmerized. They had the ceiling painted like a blue sky with clouds and all. It just gave it a very happy feel and I really enjoyed being there.
As for the outside… there were so many cool things… I loved walking around Ceasars Palace and around there
and New York, New York
and we went to the old strip on Freemont Street and saw the “Master of the Geometric Arts”P1010199Who was this guy that spun metal squares and cubes around….. awesome… I don’t even know how to describe it with out the video….
And we saw the fountains at the Bellagio… just amazing….. then on Wednesday we drove back… well Hilary drove back… the whole way… It was soo much fun that I didn’t even mind playing catchup on my homework all week…. and now I still don’t have everything done cause I’ve been playing with these videos all day
Casino Revolution

The Rose Revolution – New Shot


My Crazy Life

Where do I even begin. It must have been like three weeks ago now… or was it just two… so much has happened. I guess I will start at the beginning of this little story. It was a Friday and I didn’t have to work, so it was a free day. I figured I could get a lot done. My plan was to put brake pads on my grandparents van then go over to my brother Dan’s house for dinner. Well it was raining and it was cold, even inside the garage. But I got the brakes done and as I was cleaning up I saw a taxi pull in the driveway. I put the things I was holding in the back of my truck, and by the time I walked to my grandparents house, there was a drunk guy standing in the yard yelling. I couldn’t even understand what he was saying. I asked if I could help him, he said he his name was Freddy and he was a friend of my grandparents from Martinez, CA. So I suggested that we go inside. He started talking to my grandparents…. I was trying to get a hold of my mom and figure out who the hell this guy was… My mom didn’t even know he was coming… by the time I got back in the living room, Freddy was nowhere to be seen. I looked outside the door… nothing, but the blackness of night…I walked down to the barn… and I could see his flashlight moving around… he lets me know that he intends to sleep down there… I’ll have you know that the barn is on it’s last leg. It is old and rotten and there holes in the roof, and he doesn’t even appear to have a sleeping bag, but I didn’t think that him sleeping in the barn was a bad idea… He kept saying how beautiful my grandparents place was… I told him he should see it in the day time… He tells me that he hopes I smoke pot, cause he brought some for both of us… I tell him no thanks… He says he wished he had some cocaine… He tells me how he got a blowjob on the train and more gross stuff that I won’t repeat… He is drunk, crude, and scary… and he gets way to close when talking to me… I can smell the liquor on his breath… He offers me a cigarette… I told him I don’t smoke… He says, “oh, so you just smoke pot.”… I tell him again that I don’t smoke pot either… He keeps grabbing my shoulder and invading my space, like we are good friends… He tells me that he has $80,000 and he is here to help fix up the place… he says he wants to smoke some pot and hands me the flashlight… I’m thinking to myself that I hope my mom and the caregiver have figured out who this is and what to do… he starts digging in his bag… and starts pulling out clothing and laying it on a dirty campershell that is in the barn. He says he spilled whiskey on them… He pulls out some pot pipes that he had fashioned out of aluminum cans on the way up… he pulls out a vitamin bottle and opens it… I can hear that there is nothing in it… he smells it and tells me it smells good, like cocaine and b12… he wants me to smell it… I step back… he says, “don’t worry I already rinsed it out with water and drank it… he tells me how he is into righteous killings… not murder mind you… but people with demons in them… He tells me to shine the flashlight in his eyes so that I can know if he is the devil, God, or just good old Freddy… I do it, but I can’t tell for sure… He he says he grew up on a pig farm, and what you do is when you kill someone you feed them to the pigs (I instantly thought of the movie Snatch)… he says the pigs will eat everything but the teath… but who cares you can string them on a string, then you kill the pig and bury the demons… Now I really want away from him, and I have no idea what to do… he says he can’t find his whiskey and asks if my grandparents have any… I tell him no… so he wants me to take him to the bar… at first I say no, but then I think it might be better to have him at a bar than my grandparents, so I tell him that I’m going to tell my grandparents where I am going…. I go inside see what the caregiver has found out… Freddy is the son of my Grandfather’s best friend. Of course, my grandpa hasn’t seen Freddy for 35 years, when Freddy was 15… But nobody knows what to do… I see the taillights on my truck come on, and I remember that I left the keys in my ignition….So I tell them to figure it out and call me on my cell phone… I run outside and have to argue with Freddy to get out of the drivers seat… he finally does…I take Freddy to the bar… When we get there he starts hitting on all the girls… young, old, pretty, hideous… doesn’t matter to Freddy. He makes a general ass of himself, and embarrasses me… People want to fight him… I hoped that they would… After he has thoroughly pissed everyone off… we go to the bar across the street… the Cedarwood Saloon… and he starts pissing people off there… he goes to the bathroom… I haven’t received a phone call from my mom, so I call my brother, Dan…. he rounds up a posse and heads down… when Freddy comes back I tell him how my brothers are coming down, and we are gunna have a good time… It seems like it took them forever, but they do get there, I introduce them to Freddy…  I feel a lot better with my brothers Dan and Matt, and our friend Scott there… Freddy disappears into the bathroom again… My brother Dan notices that there is a transvestite over in the corner… I have seen a couple transvestites in my life… in Portland, and San Fransisco, but never in Grants Pass, OR… and it is not just any transvestite. He looks like he is out of some British comedy. He has a huge pearl necklace, and an eighties looking blousy dress that is so short you can see his ball bag when he sits down… pretty sick… but then Freddy comes out of the bathroom and he is wired and intense… I have no idea what he is on… but he keeps saying he wants the juke box turned up… and he stands there picking out songs for like fifteen minutes then he goes and hits on the transvestite, when he walks back over I tell him that it was a tranny and he says she had nice legs, but an ugly face… finally my mom calls… She had gotten a hold of Freddy’s brother who said that he is Bi-polar, off his meds, and if he gives us trouble we should call the police… So we have this nut job, who is off of the drugs he should be on and doped on who knows what that he shouldn’t be on, and he knows where my grandparents live… oh, and he is into righteous killings… I want to call the cops, but we don’t know what to say… and I can’t get away from Freddy long enough to call… so we stall, we play pool, and stall… finally at like 10:00 (not really that late at all) Freddy says he is tired and he’s gonna sleep in my truck and wait for us… as soon as he is out the door I am on the phone with the police. I very carefully explain to them the whole story… and… they say… they are too busy and can’t do anything tonight… I ask what I am supposed to do… they say find him a dry place to sleep, explain that he can’t come to my grandparents, and if he shows up call 911… I don’t know what to do… then we see a cop pulling someone over in front of the bar… so we go talk to him… Dan explains the situation, and how Freddy is crazy, and on drugs… and the cop says he can’t do anything without another officer present, and they are all busy… Dan asks if he could do something if Dan pulled Freddy out of my truck and kicked the shit out of him… the cop said then he could arrest them both… so it is a real catch-22… finally I decide that we can get him a hotel room and explain in the morning when he is sober that he can’t see my grandparents… so i put it on my credit card… the next morning I go make sure he gets checked out of the room, buy him coffee… he orders $20 in food… I pay for it… I carefully tell him that he can’t go out to my grandparents, we don’t want that kind of stuff around them… he seems to understand… but, that night he calls me and tells me he needs a favor, he ran up a $10 bar tab, and if I would come down and pay it, he would give me $100 when he gets it… I tell him that I have done all I can for him… he calls the next day… I tell him not to call anymore… he calls like ten more times… I call the police… they finally say that they will try to find him and tell him not to call… My Dad, has a great idea and calls both the taxi companies in town, and they say that the won’t drive him out to my grandparents house… I feel better, but I still stay out there all week… He called me on Thanksgiving, and wanted a ride… I told him I was busy… finally he called last Wednesday and said that he was leaving town and going to Washington to see his family… I told him that was good and wished him luck… what ever…