My greatest accomplishment lately has been nothing… but hey at least I’m consistent. I got really busy with school and couldn’t keep up with the Ugly Face Wednesdays, which is okay, because I originally thought it would motivate me to keep updating my blog, but it has become more of a crutch, and  while it has been entertaining and fun, and now I feel like I let Cari down (Sorry, thanks for letting me ride the Ugly train), and now I don’t think it is necessary anymore… I just need to produce more… more photoshop images, and some short stories… and, hell, poetry even… I took a poetry class last term, and another one this term so, like, I’m officially a poet, I should post some stuff… right… well… anyway… I have a lot of other stuff… working on some songs with my brother… but as usual I need to work harder and finish my projects… Black-Out Aaron has gotten out of control, and now he must die… I used to have total coverage in my life, but then I joined the party too much and face it I’m no Hunter S. Thompson… so now here is the pact: More Posts, Total Coverage.

…. and otherwise everything is going great… Dan has this amazing “Redneck Fantasy Factory” thing going although we need to come up with a better name before MTV sues us… but yeah: motocross track, studio, bar… we had a White Trash Bash theme party that was a total hit, but I don’t have any pictures yet because I am totally ashamed of my behavior and haven’t talked to anyone yet… and it is Reagan’s Birthday today!!!! the big ONE…

So I plan on getting things back to the good old days. New camera, total coverage, new movies, stories, maybe a web series… it is time to get on it. It is snowing right now, but the weather should be changing.

Aaron Todd Alden Esq.  is back, Black-Out Aaron is dead. I don’t think anyone will miss him.

Yours truly and sincerely and whatever,

Aaron Todd Alden Esq.


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