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Memorial Day

It was awesome… I saw the jets fly over… and I went to the Oregon Caves for the first time… I wish I could have shown you…. but I lost my camera before I went though… I just found it… the story would be way better with photos… to bad…. just kidding… I will tell the whole story as soon as I get the photos from my friends.


Terry Wagar For Hilary Clinton

I am still currently privately investigating the Terry Wagar Case… and I’m glad to say he is still out there fighting the powers that be and still trying to get justice agaisnt the people that are trying to “pedifie” him and murder him… I was searching for more info and I found some recent post of his to a page… the page is about a video of Hilary Clinton when she came through Oregon… I believe Terry raised some interesting questions and I would be very interested in Hillary’s response… if she did respond, that is… anyway his comments where as follows

Posted by: terry wagar | May 6, 2008 5:15:02 AM

why are the autoritys ignoring my charges? i pressed charges on joan wagar and eric carlson at the OHSU in early 2006.
why is joan wagar poisoning me and my family and others, since I was a regular plasma donor at the time.
why is Clackamas Walmart helping to hide eric carlson’s employment, identity, and appearence, from me and others, and why are the authoritys ignoring my charges! gee eric, can you hide your red roots with that dyed black hair? oh my bad, you go by the name gashel now, dont you, you god damn murderer! hey! whered you go gashel? why leave walmart? I thought they were protecting you from prison, why leave walmart just because I found out how you hid for over a year!

Posted by: terry wagar | May 6, 2008 5:31:25 AM

cmon, cmon cmon, lets have a big yuo know what trial! perty perty perty please, I cant wait to proove to the world the AUTHORITYS pedofie people so they can murder them and get away with it!

Posted by: terry wagar | May 6, 2008 5:57:49 AM

how many people in this state have been pedofied and murdered without having a trial? yea, this is big!

Posted by: terry wagar | May 6, 2008 6:11:50 AM

you know, clackamas walmart employees were coerced into making false charges against me on 03-26-07, they should not be prosicuted for it, its joan and eric and there friends in authoritys fault, not theres.

Posted by: terry wagar | May 6, 2008 6:47:14 AM

i got a video id like to make public about joan and eric and there buddies in authoritys, as well as there death threat to me and my family, any help from brave souls would be welcome.

Posted by: terry wagar | May 13, 2008 5:50:42 AM

im calling for joan wagar’s and eric carlson’s arest! my name is terry wagar.

Posted by: terry wagar | May 13, 2008 6:03:05 AM

eric carlson, going by the name gashel, working at clackamas walmart is planning to RAPE and MURDER shawna wagar! my name is terry wagar and Im backing up these charges! my IP is traceable.

The Terry Wagar Saga Continues… but sadly I am no closer to closing the case…


Hillary Clinton is an amazing woman.

Bill Clinton came to Rogue Community College today. They let us loose in the Rogue amphitheater, then they funneled us down to the stage with vinyl fences so the crowd would look bigger for the camera… then they kept telling us to move closer to each other so the people behind the cameras could move foward… and i was surrounded by Hillary supporters who paid no heed. Me a republican in democrats clothing was right there in the middle of it. I was close enough that if I would have shoved a couple people I could have shook his hand… I was close enough to spit on him, but that would have been really rude… (although my dad would have been proud)… but what I’m trying to say, is that I was right there… and I came away thoroughly convinced that Hillary will be the best President… “Why?” you may ask… well cause she is going to take care of all our problems… she is going to give us everything… we will all have affordable health care, and she is going to give us low interest loans for college, and she is going to give us 10,000 tax break so we can buy hybrid cars, and she is going to put up windmills in eastern Oregon so we will have free power, and she is going to give us money for all the logging that we can’t do anymore, and she is going to give us money to make up for the gas prices, she is going to work out deals with lenders to keep our mortgage payments down, she going to fund research to cure all diseases, she is going to get our military out of Iraq, she is going to… I mean… it is amazing… we can have it all… if we just vote for her, she will give it all to us… My favorite part was when Bill was talking about putting windmills in Eastern Oregon… He said, “I recently spoke in Pendleton (he paused for cheers), and Baker City(he paused for cheers) it is beautiful country up there (he paused for cheers)… and you know what I saw, the wind blew the whole time… and you know what I didn’t see?… windmills… Do you know why?” he went on to explain how it was cause there were no people there… I lived there once, it is beautiful, and I have a different opinion of why there are no windmills there…
What Eastern Oregon Looks Like
What It could look like with Hillary 2008’s help.

(both of the two photos were stolen from Flickr sites, I have linked to the photographers flickr pages, if they have a problem with me using their work just contact me and I will take it down.)


My Life Works

I have decided to compile and display my life works… art, writing, and such… I would like to turn it into a book if the possibility presents itself… but if not, then I will display it on my website…. not my blog but my website… yes I have my own website… If I were you… who ever you are… I wouldn’t expect much at first… it will take me some time to build the bulk of the site… but when it gets rolling, don’t stand in it’s way… it should be pretty much everything you could possibly hope for in my website… meaning that it will be everything that I hoped for… it will have a section that displays my life works, which should be impressive by now… I mean… my life is like a third over… more or less… and you have to think how most of the “greats” had already completed their greatest works by 30…. Einstien’s theory of relativity by age 26, Hank Williams was a country superstar by 25 and dead by 29, Buddy Holly Died at 22, Ronnie Van Zant 29, Brian Jones 27, Napoleon had taken over France by 30, and Alexander The Great had conquered most of the world by 30…. I am only 26, so I figure I have 4 years left to complete my greatest works… so I might as well organize what I have so far… This whole idea makes me feel happy… and free… as free as this stuff here…


Spring Cleaning

Today I am cleaning my room…. no… really I am… my room looks like this…
My room on any given day
So I need to clean it!! so that is what I am doing… really… as you can see there are no sheets on my bed… cause they are in the washer… and now I am cleaning the rest of the room… really… I’m not sitting online reading other peoples blogs and watching this weird Japanese commercial that I found on someones blog… cause that would be weird… now watch it you freaks… it is definitely something you don’t want to see… and you are not going to know how to feel about it after you have seen it… and you’ll watch it at least one more time just to find out… and it will leave you even more confused…

Sorry I did this to you… but I don’t want to be alone…. confused… scared…