I Have the Cure

No, not the band… no I have the cure for my weirdness… it comes with the diagnosis… I was obviously feeling weird because I am 26 and feel that I haven’t accomplished anything… well I no longer have this feeling of weirdness. This “cure” came with the announcement of last years “King Neckbeard”…. Think about it and check it out… in the 2007 gallery… at… http://www.dickbird.org/HNB/HNBhome.htm

I think the best part is I really feel like I deserve it… it is something that I put a lot of work into and… I really feel like that work paid off… I would like to thank my parents for the genetics to pull this off, and I would like to thank all my friends who supported my through the time… my friend and boss Jesse… my friends Shawn, Josh, Erica, Samantha who hung out with me in public even though they didn’t have neckbeards. All of you are great… and I would like to thank Dan, who went through the whole ordeal with me and himself was crowned Co-King Neckbeard…. Thank You… I love you all!!! Thank you Dickbird for this amazing opportunity…


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