Do girls like mustaches?

I check my blog stats fairly regularly because I’m a super dork… however I find it interesting to see what people are searching for to find my blog.













I am always proud that people look to me for mustache advice. Sadly I feel that I am failing my readers by not providing the one thing that gets searched for so often. “Do women like mustaches.” Well the answer, of course, is yes women like mustaches… of course you have to look like Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck,  Sam Elliot, or Jesse Hughes… but the good news is that women do like mustaches. On the other hand if your mustache makes you look like a pedophile, this is a bad thing, women do not like pedophiles… and from my experience only crazy women like mustaches… or my mustache… but that is just my limited experience… it could just be that all women are crazy… or all women like mustaches like crazy… and they do not like khaki cargo pants… grow a mustache, stay away from khaki cargo pants, stay safe… and like my friend Alex says, “kissing a man without a mustache is like eating a boiled egg without salt.”… although I don’t know if he has ever kissed a man with or without a mustache or eaten a boiled egg without salt, and I’m not going to ask him… do as you will, it is a f*$#ed up world anyway and people have done much worse than grown mustaches… it’s not like it is a tattoo, although I have heard of people getting mustache tattoos, I wouldn’t advise that, be a man grow your own mustache. The man makes the mustache, not the other way around…


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