Last night, while I was sleeping

So, last night while I was sleeping I was attacked by aliens. It was basically an alien hit squad, cause they were only here to kill me specifically, and no one else. I ended up using a couple tricks that I learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator, these aliens were in no way as tough as the “Predator” was, but there were four of them, five if you count the one flying the ship. I started out in a mansion of a house that I have never seen before, but immediately ran out into the woods. I ended up covering myself with mud and hiding in the trees. The did end up catching me on a number of occasions, but I was able to slip away. I must have earned their respect, because when another alien hit squad was dispatched to take me out, the first group of aliens intercepted them and fought them; first in an air battle, then on the ground after the both ships were destroyed. Now that I think about it… the second hit squad could have been sent to kill the first group for their failure to kill me… anyway the end result was that the five aliens were stranded on earth. Two of them tried experimental surgery to take over animal bodies, so that they could blend in. One became a fox, and he could talk like a human. But the experiment failed, and both the aliens died. So that left only three aliens. Then I woke up.

I know, I’m weird… I am going to try to write up my dreams if they are weird enough and I remember them long enough to do so… we will see.


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