Too bad I’m an idiot.

I have always known this day would come. My whole life I have been real shy and quiet. Not like weird serial killer shy and quiet, but enough so that people assumed that I was really smart. This has kind of worked out for me my whole life. It’s not like it helped me pick up chicks or anything, but it has created a kind of niche for me to fit in. I could be the smart kid in the group… or whatever… people come to me with their problems… computer problems, broken electronics, or whatever… and I could actually fix most things. I skated through community college… sure it took me ten years to get a two year degree, but I really put minimum effort in, and I got pretty decent grades. Now I’m at the local university, and the classes really aren’t that hard…. I however have never felt so stupid… and I have a five page rough draft due, and an annotated bibliography, and a couple other odd papers, and a math project… and I’m here blogging. Next week when I turn in what ever half-assed attempt I have managed this weekend, people are going to finally know. I’m an idiot. I’ve pretty much known the entire time, but things have always gone so easily that I figured no-one would ever find out. Oh, well. I had a good run. I don’t really want to work at Burger King. I bought a mandolin yesterday… it should arrive by Thursday. Maybe I will hit the road as a bluegrass folk singer. I can’t play very well, and I definitely can’t sing, but I don’t think you have to be a good singer to be a folksy… I’ve heard plenty of folk singers who were horrible.

It was a beautiful sunny day… I took a picture of my dog.



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