I don’t want your love, I want a revolution

So like I said in my last post… I put up a personal ad on Craigslist… So far I have recieved one e-mail apearently from an asian woman, and a gay dude… which was really pretty crude and gross… but… I am not detered… I don’t want their love… and I’m certain I don’t want a craigslist girlfriend… I do want a revolution… I’m going to try to get a bunch of people… single people probably… to start posting personal ads… not looking for girlfriends… but just to bring up the standards for craigslist personals…. and to try to get the coolest responses… so I posted another ad… it is pretty awesome in itself

I think it is bold enough that any girl that responds to that, isn’t going to have their feelings hurt, when I’m not looking to date them… but maybe I can get them to join my revolution and put up some more awesome craigslist posts…. as part of my plan I e-mailed one guy and gave him suggestions on how to improve his post… cause it was really, really sad…. little suggestions, like using a better picture… and grammar… and not sounding desperate… I even used my friend Joshua Ryan Smith’s quote, “don’t look hungry, it makes people want to kick you in the teeth.” I just love that quote… this is gonna be fun… I already know that my friend Alex and his friend Buddy will totally put posts up… totally-awesome-sick posts… they are totally into that kind of thing…

At first I was hesitant to put my actuall photos up… the one before chopped off the top of my head… but still was obviously me… and these two… but they were just too perfect for the post… so they went up… and I will deal with the consequences… which I guess would be a kind of local fame… “king of the losers of the craigslist personals”…. kinda suits me I guess… I can live with it. Better to be the King of losers, than a jack of jack-asses… whatever that means…


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