Why even bother….

If you are wondering why I haven’t posted in a while… well I would like to say that it is because my internet has been down for the last week… but I really wouldn’t have posted anything anyway… I feel like nothing has happend… but maybe this was the coolest day ever… even though nothing worth blogging about happened… I have been exercising a lot lately… bike rides… push ups… sit ups… whatever…. but I totally feel like I could kick someones ass… they would have to be small, or old, or something, but I could totally do it… I feel that good… I’m kinda stoked on the whole thing, even thought I have basically been against it my entire life… at the begining of summer I had a hard time riding my bike a mile… now I feel unstoppable… so today started at 7:00 and I rode a couple miles… barely broke a sweat… good start to a day… then I went home and Josh and I packed up the crucial elements of the recording studio… computer, AD converter, mixer, cables, mics… whatever… and we went to the local university… Southern Oregon University… to be exact… to record piano tracks for Josh’s new band… we had the studio set up and ready to record in 20 minutes… he tracked for about 3 hours…. with brakes of and on… he tracked 11 songs… then we had the studio packed up in about 7 minutes and we were out… it was amazing… I think we could pretty much set that thing up anywhere… it is our first attempt at mobile recording, and it went really well. Then tonight we went to the park about a mile from our house and they had projectors and were showing “Back to the Future”… there were a bunch of falling stars and such, and next week they are doing “Wizard of OZ”…Awesome… Well I didn’t proof read this… and I probably won’t… cause I’m tired… whatever… Well, catch ya later.


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