John Mayer Douchebag… or Genius… think about it

So I was looking at Yahoo news and there is a headline…

Aniston’s Bad Choice; According to this blogger, John Mayer is overrated, and Jennifer Aniston can certainly do better.

Like just cause they have a blog their opinion matters, everyone has blogs… they’re free… this person writes for shine/yahoo… I doubt she gets paid much… I bet this whole blogger thing has kicked the shit out of freelance journalism… you get just as good of work for free…. and it is the same… other peoples opinions that don’t matter… besides, I don’t understand you guys are so hard on John Mayer for getting a girl that is too good for him, every guy tries to get chicks that are out of their league… that is the point… Nobody wants to date girls the girls that are in their league… that is like eating the generic cereal… sure it taste pretty much the same… but there is something just not right about it… besides John Mayer and I have a lot in common… it really gives hope to guys like me… I’m like the generic “John Mayer”… like a Jon Maier… with my hit songs; “Your Body Is A Waterbed” and ” Waiting For The World To Make Change”… of course I’m not waiting anymore, I found the secret

Me making change

You would automatically think that it is bad luck to steal people’s change out of wishing ponds… it’s like stealing their wishes… bad luck… right… well, not if you run it through one of those penny souvenir stamper things… now it says “My lucky penny… Oregon”…


which is fitting, cause Oregon is my favorite state… I live here… I was born here… that is all I know… so who cares if John Mayer is banging Jennifer Aniston… I think he’s awesome… I don’t like his music… but it obviously works for him… and that is awesome… as a matter of fact I think John Mayer deserves a sticker… it would look like this….

You're Awesome Sticker

So… Yahoo… yes I’m talking to you… I’m a blogger… you tell the world what I say…


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