My Life Works

I have decided to compile and display my life works… art, writing, and such… I would like to turn it into a book if the possibility presents itself… but if not, then I will display it on my website…. not my blog but my website… yes I have my own website… If I were you… who ever you are… I wouldn’t expect much at first… it will take me some time to build the bulk of the site… but when it gets rolling, don’t stand in it’s way… it should be pretty much everything you could possibly hope for in my website… meaning that it will be everything that I hoped for… it will have a section that displays my life works, which should be impressive by now… I mean… my life is like a third over… more or less… and you have to think how most of the “greats” had already completed their greatest works by 30…. Einstien’s theory of relativity by age 26, Hank Williams was a country superstar by 25 and dead by 29, Buddy Holly Died at 22, Ronnie Van Zant 29, Brian Jones 27, Napoleon had taken over France by 30, and Alexander The Great had conquered most of the world by 30…. I am only 26, so I figure I have 4 years left to complete my greatest works… so I might as well organize what I have so far… This whole idea makes me feel happy… and free… as free as this stuff here…


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