Land Of the Free

If you live near me… you must have noticed that we have been receiving warmer, “springish” weather… I know we still get showers, and hail, and threats of snow every couple days… but we have had some decent weather… near 80 degrees… and this warmer weather brings about the perfect weather for my favorite sport…. taking pictures of the trash people put on the road with “Free” signs on them… This stuff is awesome… I mean it… it is genuinely 98% pure trash and should be thrown away… but people put it out there…. sure enough, there it is…. There is one house in particular that stands out… it is out by my brothers… and they always have trash out there… it is great… and across the street are the people who put their trash out there with for sale signs on it… so you have options… free trash… or expensive trash….. I love it….

So this is the first picture I got last week…. expect more as the weather gets more predictable.


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