Death, Drama, Destruction, Disaster, and Calamity

I am taking an imaginative writing class…. Cause I need that kind of thing… I need to figure out how to make my writing better and more imaginative…. so far we have covered Imagery, voice, character, and setting… all of these were great, they gave me different ways to look at writing my “Medford Vice” Script… and now we are covering Story, and the book says that for a good story there has to be a power struggle… You know a little bit of drama… some sort of conflict… and I thought that is great for my move script… and I thought I should also try to incorporate it into my blog… you know make things a little more interesting for all three of my readers… but…. sorry guys… my life is good…. my life is real good… no power struggle right now… the weather has been pretty good. Last weekend I went camping and it was just flat out amazing. The weather was beautiful, warm, I was with family and friends and it was just great. I didn’t want to come home. It had been a lot of work to organize the whole event, but well worth it. I had My boat…. and I caught a fish
Dan and Erica had their boat… and we had the dogs…. and Rocket sat on Boston… It was funny…
Not all my friends were there… but a lot of my friends I rarely see were… so that was cool…. maybe next time all of my friends can be there.

Yeah… so no drama… and technically it is boring writing… but what do I care… my life is good…. real good… it’s the “best!


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