Dr. Bat

An Update is posted at the bottom.

The other day a bat fell out of a tree in our back yard. He laid on his back all night and half of the next day. That is when I first saw him. He wasn’t moving at all, so I figured he was dead. I wasn’t happy, because I was going to have to throw his carcass in the trash so the dog wouldn’t eat him. It kind of struck me funny that I had this dead animal in my yard, so like a second grade child I picked up a stick and poked it. HHHSSSSSS!!!! NOT DEAD!!! it spread it’s wings, and I jumped…. so I hung him in a tree in the front yard…. I checked on him in the middle of that night and he was still there. I had done some research and found that Hoary Bats (that is what he is) migrate up here during the spring. We had had some warm weather, but now it was very cold, and this weekend it might snow. I put him in a box for the night and checked on him this morning I gave him some water and tried to feed him a couple moths. He liked the water, but I couldn’t get him to eat the moths… I read up on it and I guess that mealworms are easy to get and good for them so I will try that tomorrow, if he doesn’t take them I will take him down to a rehab center.


Life is funny…. really funny I signed up for two classes this term. My math 213 class which has been the best class I have ever taken, and an imaginary writing class. I thought the writing class would be fun and it will transfer to SOU next fall. It is so much cooler than I expected. Part of why I took the class is so that I can work on my movie “Medford Vice”… so far I haven’t done much writing for the class just a couple of the exercises out of the book, and I turned in one of my stories from this blog… and my teacher seemed to dig it… we had a great talk today about “character”… I told him that this is such a great class, and I told him about my plans for the movie, and he seemed excited to read some of it… so I will be submitting parts of my script as homework assignments… hopefully this will motivate me to get some of it done.

UPDATE 4-21-08: Dr. Bat flew away last Thursday. I was stoked, cause I am not really qualified to be caring for wild, rabid animals… and I would have felt bad if he would have died… more because there is place in town that does this kind of thing… but all is well… the bat is gone… things are quiet here…. not that they weren’t quiet before… bats don’t make much noise… but still things are quiet here…. too quiet.


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