A Baby Seal Walks Into A Club… Ouch!

So I see this article of an international news  story “More than 50 sea lions massacred in Galapagos“… now as I’m reading I see this quote “The sea lions, including 13 pups, died because of a strong blow from someone. It was a massacre whose motives the prosecutor’s office must clarify,” Carrion told AFP… Carrion…. the guys name is Victor Carrion… the Galapagos National Park official… his name is Victor Carrion… now I happen to have the worst spelling skills… and not the best vocabulary… so I google search “Carrion”… and… it comes up….

car·ri·on (kărē-ən) pronunciation

Dead and decaying flesh.

On a story about a bunch of rotten seal carcasses  the Galapagos National Park sends their spokesperson “Victor Carrion”…. I thought it was ironic… that is all.


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