Going Nowhere…. Fast… Real Fast!!!

There are the things you want to do…. and the responsible things you should do. Some people tell you, “you don’t really have anything tying you down… you should go do something exciting and fun.”… and I wanted to move to Portland, cause I think it would be exciting and fun. Then some people say, “Why would you move to Portland?”… but you ignore them… but then when it comes time to move, you have no place to live… and no money… and you know that if you move, you will either starve to death in a cold alley… or end up leeching off your friends… and inevitably move home… but there is a possibility that you could make it work… but then you realize that you will be 26 this month and have nothing to show for it… and your grandparents are old, and you should spend time with them ( I have been saying this for seven years… and hope to say it for another seven)… and things here are easy… and I can get just as good an education…. and they have majors here like “Communications” I can do that… Journalism… minor in video production… I think so… I have always liked this town… plus I am determined to make my greatest film idea ever… “Medford Vice”… think about it… it will be better than it sounds… look forward to the trailer and then the feature film… it will happen… it has to… we were gonna start shooting for the trailer this weekend… but now we are going snowboarding at Mt. Shasta… so I will put it off…. but it will be done.


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