Lonely in love

well not really, but I got a great idea… here is the deal…. I was bored… doing my homework…. I checked Craigslist for photo equipment like I always do… even though I have no money and I remembered my brother saying how funny the personal adds are… so I checked them out sad/funny/gross they’ve got them all…. then I went back to my homework… but I had to pee… so I went to the bathroom…. and I saw myself in the mirror…. with my handsome neckbeard…. and I thought to myself…. people with neckbeards need love too…. so I’m thinking about going to putting up an add… I’m gunna get someone else to write it up… cause I’m sure they will be more enthusiastic than I am…. it will be good… I will keep everyone posted as events unfold… also if you have any suggestions feel free to suggest away.


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