Family Tradition

Thanks Giving… It’s kinda like my little brother, Matt, says “Thanksgiving is everyones birthday. It’s my birthday, and it’s your birthday too.” As I sit here full of turkey and content, I reflect on the great traditions that we preform each year. These are not necessarily the same traditions as your family practices, but that’s fine. It wasn’t always this way, but traditions have to start somewhere. Several years ago, I called my mother and asked what the plans were for Thanksgiving. She didn’t know, there weren’t any. See, my youngest brother Tim was out of high school, none of us were living at home anymore, and apparently Thanksgiving wasn’t that big of a deal. This bothered me, but I realized that traditions can die just like that. But there wasn’t much of a tradition anyway. Our family didn’t have any real traditions. We would always get together and eat turkey, but that was it. I was staying at my brothers house at the time, so we hatched a plan to save Thanksgiving, and do it our way. We called my mom and told here we were coming over to do Thanksgiving dinner. We bought the food and brought it out there, we also bought a couple boxes of clay pigeons and several hundred rounds of shotgun shells. This is how we celebrate. We all meet up, go up in the woods and shoot clays, drink beer, have a good time. Then we went back to the house and ate dinner. It was the best Thanksgiving ever. Now we do that every year, our own family tradition. Also we started celebrating Thanksgiving Eve. Every year the night before Thankgiving we all go out to the bars and get rowdy, cause nobody has to work the next day. We have been doing this for about three or four years. It has been great. This year we added a new tradition. It is a new fad that is going around that came from the land of Portland, OR. From the mad genius that runs www.dickbird.org.
I know… pretty sweet… I had to quit shaving in September just to get this much of a beard… poor genetics I guess, but it is totally worth it. Plus it helped to have Dan competing with me for King Neck Beard… I don’t think either of us made it… but it is good to have support/competition/motivation. So we shaved this morning… then we hit the mountains and cut loose.
We went through two boxes of clays and Three hundred rounds… a good time for sure. Then we went to my grandmothers for the feast. The food was great, my fridge is loaded with what leftovers I could pilfer, I am quite stuffed… and happy… I love my family. What a great life I live.


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