Indicators That God Likes You

How do you really know if God likes you… well for me a good indicator is if he gives you cool stuff*. ( you should probably know that I am in no way a religious adviser and nobody in any way should head my religious advice.) As I was saying “cool stuff,” like say…. 12 cans of Cheez-it (name brand) Pasteurized Cheese Snack ( you know like the cheez wiz in a can stuff that you can put on crackers and stuff). Wow… this just so happens to have happened to me. Well not just me, my whole house hold, and I didn’t actually receive them personally, my roommate did. “But what…” you might say, “are you going to do with 12 cans of Pasteurized Cheese Snack?” Well put it on crackers of course… and… uh… play with the cans and take some pictures…




*DISCLAIMER: I’ve never really know God to play favorites and “cool stuff” is not an indicator that God likes you or anybody else… I happen to know that God loves everybody and does not reward or punish with Pasteurized Cheese Snacks, nor is he affiliated with any other such reward/punishment system.

p.s. God… I’m not trying to make fun of you, I was just attempting to be funny. Oh, and thanks for the Pasteurized Cheese Snack.


1 Response to “Indicators That God Likes You”

  1. 1 Leslie
    October 17, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    you – make me laugh

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