The look of a killer…. the face of death

this is my look of a killer..
the look of a killer
I call this one the face of death…
The face of death
Despite how convincing these photos my be… something is lacking…. the last three weeks, every free moment I have had, I have been out in the woods… scouting for deer and hunting for Quail, Grouse, Gray Squirrels, and Unprotected Mammals… (which I thought was any mammal without a gun, but it turns out it only includes: badger, coyote, gophers, moles, mountain beaver, yellowbellied marmots, nutria, opossum, porcupine, spotted skunk, striped skunk, and weasel…. moles?…who the hell hunts moles?)… So the possibilities of what I can kill was pretty much open… plus deer season opened up on Saturday which adds one more possibility to the list…. and yet I have a grand total of zero kills…. I have taken unsuccessful shots at one gray squirrel, and one lucky quail…. I am a lousy hunter… I haven’t killed anything…. well if you find yourself out in the woods dressed like a deer or an unprotected mammal and you happen to see me…. you are probably still pretty safe… watch out for the rest of the hunters… especially Alex, Dan, and Dustin… certified killers…


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