A thought about….An attempt at greatness…. in surf photography

If I am going to get great shots I need to have a waterproof camera, or a waterproof camera housing either homemade or bought. This is a very interesting predicament for me… since I have no money. Since I am cheap and have a cheap digital camera and a redneck sense of ingenuity I figure what the hell…. why not use a ziploc bag…. and maybe some duct tape. The duct tape was just an afterthought… after I typed “redneck,” but I like the idea and think it could be a crucial part of the plan. I am going surfing this weekend so any testing will have to be done in the next three days.

Part one of testing……

take camera with test picture
normal with flash
nice…. step two… steal generic ziploc from roommate and take a picture from inside it.
plastic bag with flash
It is a little blurry… but it could be acceptable ’till I get a better camera. Also I think name brand Ziploc bags might be a little clearer…. I’ll have to pick some up and try them, plus I would never trust my camera to non name brand bags, I may be cheap, but not stupid…. well not that stupid anyway. Well catch yah later and we’ll just see what the future holds for Ziploc photography…. I wonder if they will sponsor me?


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