Adventures in Photography

Another great summer weekend done. Friday I worked ’till 7, so I didn’t really feel like going out, But I made up for it with the rest of the weekend. Saturday my brother called me and begged me to crash this wedding that he had to go to. It was his wifes friends, and he didn’t want to get stuck there with a bunch of people he didn’t know. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it, but with no other plans I signed on for the mission. It was a nice wedding. Outside, on the Rogue River beautiful setting. Short service. On the con side they were charging three dollars for a beer. I paid my only three dollars and walked to the tables for dinner. I was happy to see that the had those disposable cameras set out on the tables, this is one of my favorite things at weddings. My brother and I had really enjoyed this at a friends wedding a couple weeks ago. It is even more fun when you don’t really know the bride and groom. You see, my brother and I are practically professional photographers, and while there were official photographers and videographers…. my brother and I being professionals insisted on “total coverage.” This is very important at weddings. The hired photographers take lots of pictures, mostly of the bride and groom, and maybe some important guests. We on the other hand demand total and equal coverage of the party, of other guest and especially ourselves. So we gave them our best. Rockstar here, Captain Morgan over there, maybe a little Karate Kid on the dock down by the river, and a few cartwheels… now that’s pretty good coverage, but we aren’t done…. no, then we document us running down to the store to by some contraband beer, and the purchase of said beer, then the driving back with said beer…. then the sneaking in of said beer, and of course the consuming of said beer by very happy guests. Now that is pretty total coverage. At the end of the night… or when the film runs out…. you leave the camera on the table where you found it….. sadly we my never know how overjoyed the are when the pay to get the pictures developed…. boston... partyingbut just the thought of it is satisfaction enough. Then we had a little after party at Dan’s house.

On Sunday we woke up early and headed off to Crescent City, CA for some surfing…. we were sadly disappointed to see a flat ocean. So we ran around town looking for a surfboard for Dan…. we checked both surf stores in town, then both surf stores in Brookings, OR. Nothing in Brookings we went back to Crescent City, still pretty flat. I surfed a little bit and caught a couple waves, but felt a more pressing desire for photography. I took my digital camera out till I was over waist deep and started taking some shots. Dan had to stay pretty close… cause my camera is crap, and has no zoom. I still got some descent shots.
The new board… a good choice if I may says so.
Paddle Faster!!!!
Dan…. Showing off…. a very rare moment…………
My favorite shot….
I either need to get a camera that is water proof or has a better zoom lens…. cause this is about the extent of my capabilities.


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