Fairapalooza 2007

It was a true “battle of the bands.” Everything went as expected. When I arrived there was one thing that I noticed, there were more “Throwbacks” shirts in that audience than any other band. This fact instantly had people talking. “Have you seen all these fans for the Throwbacks? When are they on?” The buzz was rippling thought the crowd, the anticipation was building. The night started off with The Frankie Hernandez Band. Now you have to understand, there aren’t many reggae bands in Southern Oregon, and I had never seen any that were any good. The Frankie Hernandez Band, however, really impressed me.
I had seen them before playing covers in a bowling alley, and on their last song I had requested “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. However, they weren’t actually taking requests, so I wasn’t surprised when they played another song. They on the other hand were surprised that I continued to heckle them though the entire length of that song. Standing three feet in front of Frankie Hernandez himself, yelling “THREE LITTLE BIRDS!!!,” while holding up three fingers…. just in case they couldn’t hear me over the song they were playing. Did they get mad?…. no…. instead they played “Three Little Birds” while my friend Tasha and I danced…. looking back I kind of feel like a dick….
But back to Fairapalooza…. the next band was Chesterfield… a punk rock band from Medford… I have heard a lot about them, they have quite a following, but when it came down to it they were just a punk band, nothing spectacular. One thing I did notice is that they are one of the most polite punk rock bands ever… the thanked the audience and wished all the other bands well… so… that was nice of them.
Next was Yesterday, kind of a lame name, they should have at least gone with “yellow submarine” or “eleanor rigby” or somthin’. They were very good. That girl can sing. She can’t really dance, and she looked kind of awkward on stage…. but what the hell, they are still in High School.
Before Yesterday could leave the stage, “It” happend. The Crowed went nuts…. Everybody wearing a Throwbacks shirt rushed to the front. Screaming, Yelling, and just general mayhem. The announcer could barely be heard over the chanting… “Throwbacks, Throwbacks, Throwbacks.” I don’t even think he announced them… he just said, “I guess you guys know who’s next.”… then The Throwbacks took the stage


….More screaming and yelling…. They played the best set I have ever seen them play. It was awesome, everyone was going nuts. It is amazing to have that many friends and to see them going wild. People that had never even heard of the throwbacks started to join the crowd. It was definitely getting rowdy. A true show of Southern Oregon Rock ‘n’ Roll. Afterwards there were girls lining up to take pictures with Dan. I’ve never seen anything like it at any local concert.
100_1959Dan of The Throwbacks100_1982
Everyone was real happy with the set. Then Rental 58 played…. it sounded like some sort of half-assed emo/blink 182….. then the main event…. Fluid. They didn’t have near as many fans as the throwbacks…. and the fans they did have, didn’t move…. they just stood there…. it was really strange…. and it looked more strange with the lead singer spazzing out like he’s at some arena rock show…. but nobody reacted….. although I think I saw somebody puke, and then people moved to get out of the way…. but that was about it.
In the end they announced that Yesterday and Fluid were the finalists. I was O.K. with Yesterday being picked, cause that girl had some lungs on her, and that “Grace Slick” thing is so hot right now, but Fluid…. come on, just cause there from Portland…. and have some half-assed indie record deal…. gimme a break…. they weren’t even that good… I admit I’m not a metal guy…. so of course I didn’t like them…. but they seemed like half-assed pretty boy metal…. and I know I’m using “Half-assed” way too much, but it’s the only way I can properly explain it… if you’re gunna do metal…. go whole-assed. And the Throwbacks rocked Whole-assed that night. After the announcement the crowed booed really loud, and they sent security guards up to protect the judges…. and I know that kind of looks bad for the Throwbacks…. but it’s at least kinda cool… and who cares anyway. we all left and went out to the beer garden. Somebody went back to get something they forgot. They said that there was nobody in there and they thought it was over…. then they announced that Fluid had won… but who cares Throwbacks kicked ass and everyone that was there knows who they are now. Next time you can see them will be August 10th at the Ashland armory for another battle of the bands. It should be good kicks if you like Rock ‘n’ Roll.


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