This is Rogue River Rooster Crow

Today was the big parade in Rogue River, OR. The Rooster Crow Parade. Believe me it was intense. If you missed it, I feel sorry for you, but don’t worry I was there to document it for you. To be in the true Rogue River mindset you must live like a Rogue Riverite. When in Rome do as the Romans do; when Rogue River… Since Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I thought I should start things of right… Rogue River Style… a slice of cold left over pizza off the counter in the morning then off to Cattleman’s Bar for a bloody mary.

I finished that off just as the parade started. I tell you this town is small, and the parade is likewise pretty small, but it really did have everything you need for a good parade, and more. There were bagpipers,



chickens playing electric guitars,
Shriners on go-carts,
two llamas (why?… I don’t know),
two belly dancers,
some creepy doctor’s creepy office staff,
some old ladies on a float with real taxidermied roosters,
and my favorite… the Realm of Honor and Chivalry…
why my favorite… cause of this guy… “the boyfriend”
…. everyone else is really into it, full costume…. He is holding the standard, and wearing the shirt…. but…
I’m not buying medieval zip-off khaki cargo pants… those were like 1990’s cool… but not 1690’s cool…. come on if your gunna be in the dork club…. just sport your tights and be proud of the dorkiness… at least I can respect that…. so khaki man you don’t have my respect…. but you did make my day, and the parade a little better.


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