I AIN’t Ignernt!!!!

I really tried to do as little work as possible… I’m not particularly smart anyway, and quite lazy also… if I’m completely honest…. but in the end this is what you get when you strive for mediocrity at Rogue Community College.
report card2
First off… I’d like to thank the academy… you know that one that everyone thanks… and also Burt Reynolds who has been my inspiration throughout my life…. I would also honestly like to thank Rachel who helped me to survive Critical Thinking… the class so boring that I wouldn’t even do the assignments, and only attended one of the two days each week…. Because of Rachel I turned in four of the six required assignments… I would also like to thank Bart and Sam who got me through Geology… and everyone else in all my other classes and a special thanks to James Dunn and Mike Strickler cause I actually enjoyed your classes, and even learned a few things…. I feel like this qualifies me to be a role model… “see kids this is what you can do if you are a high school drop-out… If you just get out there and don’t aply yourself… you too can be like me and go to retard school where they pass you no matter what.” …..I have a feeling I’m gunna fall flat on my face if I ever go to a real school….


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