They came from the water

I worked really hard on Thursday, so I was completely worn out by the time Dan and I made it up to the lake. We fixed ourselves some cheeseburgers and headed off to bed. I had left town in such a hurry that I had neglected to bring my air mattress… It is camping after all…. Morning came early for me… and I really didn’t want to wake up… even to go fishing. I woke up to Dan yelling….”Aaron….. wake up…. I’m being attacked by strange beetles”… Since there was no actual urgency in his voice, I just yelled “I don’t care, I’m not getting up.”… after laying there for a couple minutes I decided to get up anyway…. when I opened up my tent I could see exactly what he was talking about Nymph there were hundreds of these little bugs crawling all over the place…. I thought that was a little bit weird… they kind of looked like these shells of bugs that I had seen the other day… and my friend Jesse tried to tell me that they were from dragonflies…. I try to double check all facts from friends… regardless of the source…. But I hadn’t had time to double check that one…. anyway, I started looking around in the trees to see if any of them were doing anything dragonfly like… and sure enough…Nymph 2 it could have been the strangest thing I have ever seen… it could be the strangest thing I ever will see. They were climbing out of the little bugs bodies… their bodies were all short and their wings were all rolled up… but after about an hour they looked like full sized dragonflies… and an hour after that… they were flying… it was pretty amazing to witness. By night they were all gone… and the next morning I didn’t see any more… so I suppose we were just in the right place at the right time.Nymph 3Nymph 4


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