I am sorry… not really… this was like the best day ever… say do you think this is too long for a title?

four leaf clover When I woke up this morning, I knew it was a good day. This feeling was affirmed when I found a four-leaf clover in my front yard. Naturally I took a picture. Then off to school. I had my doubts about how lucky I was, when I walked into my oceanography class and presented with a surprise test. Well it wasn’t a surprise to anyone but me… I really need to read my syllabus, and get a calendar or something… But it was frighteningly easy… (I feel like I’m going to a school for the mentally challenged)… after leaving the class, quite satisfied with my performance (we’ll have to wait for the actual results)… I headed to my car to drop off some books… and on my way there I notice that someone has just purchased a brand new Nissan pickup… I can tell it was a new purchase by the fact that the felt the need to take up two parking spaces…. I present to you exhibit A…
The offender

You can clearly see in this picture (since I highlighted it) the “offender” is clearly over the yellow line. This may piss off some people… but I didn’t really care…. It’s kind of cute that they are babying their new toy…. but it struck me funny that they didn’t park directly over the yellow line…. and if somebody had a small enough car… and they possessed the blackest of hearts… and if they were generally just an asshole… they could probably still park next to this truck…. and it kind of struck me funny cause I new there wasn’t a single person that mischievous or evil enough to do that… but it still struck me funny…. so I give you exhibit B…
The Hero
And yes, that is my car…. and as you can see I am clearly in my parking spot… and with plenty of room to spare… I know… I am a horrible prick… but come on… it’s funny… and what I thought was even more funny is exhibit C…
The Hero's calling card
Since I am selling my car… I happen to have my phone number plastered on signs all over my windows…. this may be a sexist comment but I am assuming that the “offender” was a woman… because any guy who would buy a truck… would be the type of guy who would call me up and tell me what a prick I am… but the call never came… so lady… I’m sorry I parked so close… but it was totally worth it cause it totally made my day.

But that’s not all… after school I got ready for the camping trip… Dan and I went up to Howard Prairie and staked out our claim for a camping spot. And check this out…

Me… In my boat… look how happy I am… I think I will be even more happy….
when I get my boat off of Will’s Truck and into the water…. Today was a good day… but tomorrow will be even better… and the day after… and the day after….

A Special thanks to Will for hauling my boat up to the lake… to Erica for taking the photos, and slicing the tomatoes… and to Dan for being the mastermind… behind everything… I tell you what… Memorial Day will definitely be a day to remember….

L – I – V – I – N


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