Hot Springs on Mars

I was reading the news… you know trying to stay up to date on what is happening in the world… and I came across an interesting article about Mars… see-

Hints of past hot springs found on Mars

By Will Dunham Tue May 22, 6:16 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A little


Mars rover has come across soil that scientists said on Tuesday suggests hot springs may have percolated long ago on the Martian surface, providing an environment conducive to life.”
What they say is that by analyzing this photo… it looks like silica…. and if it is silica… and if it is in as high levels as it appears… then it could be proof of hot springs… and hot springs could have supported life… maybe… and that is from NASA scientists… so I shouldn’t be making fun of them… cause they are smart… I mean… they are rocket scientists and stuff… but I still am going to make fun of them… which probably blows my chances at getting a job there… or even becoming an astronaut… but that’s o.k…. cause I think it is funny. It is funny because they are analyzing a photograph and completely guessing at all of it… and it is national news… they are smart… but I bet my geology instructor, Mike Strickler, (who I think looks like Henry Winkler) could make as good a call on this as them… or better for that matter… cause I have seen him work and he is a good geologist…. But all and all I think it is great that they can make a call like “this is proof of hot springs” from a light spot in the dirt of a photograph… I would need more proof than that to take it to national news status… I would need photos like this to prove existence of hot springs…
Mars Bud can copy
Mars_panorama hotsprings copy


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