Josh Comes To Snaketown: A Battle To The Death

Since the day we found the first snake in the studio, there has been a continuous battle between snake and man. There have been a total of six snakes that have infiltrated the security system of the studio, and wreaked havoc on the occupants (or at least scared a couple people). With any luck… those days are done. The last remaining force assembled their power (Josh and I)… 100_1316 and together we made one last attempt at victory… with a two stage battle plan.

Stage One: Secure the studio…
100_1318Josh did this by taking the handle from a yard tool and poking and prodding the ceiling. This was a very dangerous task requiring someone of Joshes talents…. my job on the other hand was… documenting the process… and of course I had Josh’s back just in case the shit hit the fan! (I apologize again for the use of the “Shit” word… I’ve tried it with out… and it is just funnier with it). Luckily no snakes were found.

Stage Two: Cut off access to the studio. This was done with a pair of hand pruners and involved cutting a tree limb that grew right up to a hole in the side of the studio. Again Josh held the position of action… while I watched… I didn’t even document it… instead I give you a reenactment with the help of Gene Simmons and Freddy Krueger action figures.100_1321
… o.k. so it didn’t look anything like this… but after we cut the branch off we noticed a large chunk of molted snake skin on the branch…. So I think we have successfully defeated the snakes… for now…. so until the sequel… The snake hunters are now officially on summer vacation… and the rock and roll kids are safe at Red Tree Studios.

Signing Off,
Cpt. Aaron Todd Alden Esq. – Hero for Hire


1 Response to “Josh Comes To Snaketown: A Battle To The Death”

  1. 1 the dan show
    May 22, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    fuckin rad!!!!!!!

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