I’ve got nothing

Not much going on…. I don’t have anything to write… I have always said that my life was way better than Kerouac’s… and I still stand by that… as a mater of fact I recently experienced the most embarrassing moment of my entire life… but I can’t talk about it… for one it is still too close and It makes me feel stupid… and the other of course… to protect the innocent… I don’t think they would find out…. but it is a small town.

But I am actually very happy about “the most embarrassing moment… of my life,” because up until now I didn’t have one… sure I had embarrassing moments… but they were all standard, and there is a line where it can be a “most embarrassing moment of your life.” For example you can’t say “my most embarrassing moment is when I was reading in front of people… and I messed up on the word ‘the’.” cause that is lame… you know you are a lame boring person when your embarrassing moments are boring… ya know?… that seems about right… but now I have one… and eventually I will be able to expound on it during campfire talks and what not… just not right now.

The future looks bright, with great adventures ahead… My brother Dan is playing the “Battle of The Bands” in Klamath Falls on Friday… come on what could be more exciting than that…. and I have a field trip on Saturday for my geology class… we will be going to the redwoods… and I love the redwoods, so it should be good fun…. now all I need is a catch phrase to end my blogs…. like “thanks for reading… and please don’t die.” (it needs some work, but I kind of like it… I mean it is heart felt that I don’t want anyone to die… so it kind of works)


1 Response to “I’ve got nothing”

  1. June 14, 2007 at 1:22 am

    The whole most embarrassing moment of my life thing is a dead topic… I have actually far surpassed my first one…and while the first was awesome… the latter is less funny… and there will be no story for either… for now, anyway…

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