Touch me…. I’m Sick…

Sometimes even I think I’m weird… and this is why… so I’m studying for a midterm. It’s like 11:00 and I’m just starting my studying…. so I want to give myself time to go over my notes in the morning, so I set my…… [wait, hold on I’m listening to yahoo music right now and I was listening to Alice and Chains…. and the song that just came on is Sick Sick Sick off the new Queens of the Stone Age album…. weird….] anyway back to my story.. so I’m setting my alarm on my cell phone for 7:30 in the morning and it strikes me funny to use the “Polka” ring tone… why, because I hate polka, and I will hate it even more at 7:30 in the morning…. and I thought that would be really funny…. like a practical joke on myself…. which brings up all of these odd philosophical questions of self…. thinking of “myself in the morning” as almost a different person…. one that deserves to wake up to “Polka”…. and I still think it is kind of funny…. I just asked Josh if he has ever played a practical joke on himself…. he said no… I wonder if anyone else has… like sane… non-schizophrenic people…. anyone?….


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