Studio Snake

So today some friends and I went to the Southern Oregon Hardcore House to see Blue Print For Disaster, and The Hollowbodys. Hopefully both will come record at our studio. But while we were there my roommate Josh is telling my brother, Dan, how we just got this new studio snake…. and he finds it necessary to point out that it is a bunch of microphone wires rapped together, as opposed to jungle wildlife…. so me… being a dork…. start making dumb jokes…. “no it’s a cobra, we thought it would liven things up for the band…. actually I don’t think we should tell them… just let it run loose…. or lock someone into the vocal booth and drop it in…. studio snake.” It was kind of dumb… but I thought it was funny at the time. So then we started looking around and realized that we were the only people wearing color. It was all these dirty punk kids with all black clothing. After a while some rockabilly cats showed up, and they were kind of a bridge from the punk kids to us. It was a good show none the less. After we got home Josh, Chris, and I were sitting around in the studio talking about which songs of their that we wanted to record…. then the conversation somehow moved on to how magicians do magic tricks and josh started talking about how riled up you could get local people with just a few minor illusions… and he said, “I’m talking about straight up street prophet shit.” and right then we hear rustling in the black plastic that we have covering the insulation in the ceiling. Josh says, “It’s a mouse, how do we get it out.” and I’m like, “grab something to catch it with and I’ll pull back the plastic.” He grabs a plastic cup thing and I start chasing it toward the wall. Then I carefully grab the edge of the plastic… and pull…. THEN IT DROPS!!!…. only it’s not a mouse….

It was a frickin’ studio snake… and not anything to do with mic cables… I was probably the most upset by this little incident…. because I very specifically asked for a cobra… and as you can clearly see here… this is not a cobra. for a size reference that dot on the wall is a drywall screw…. and his head is slightly larger than that, so he is not a very large snake. Josh thought it was significant that we were just in a deep discussion about deceiving people and then a snake drops from the ceiling…. but all in all I think it was a strange chain of events.


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