I love summer… and science….

The technology these days is amazing…. I feel like James Bond or some shit… check it out…. Reef Brazil has always been my favorite company… first of all they make a completely kick ass product… I’ve been wearing their sandals for years….. plus they have advertisement with scantily clad women…. why wouldn’t I want to support a company like this…. in recent years the sandal technology has been ever increasing… these guys just don’t stop…. they see a need, and then work endless hours in the lab, with many late nights trying to make these dreams realities… and they are… I noticed a few years ago, and was in awe when they released a sandal with a bottle opener in the bottom….

bottle opener reef

Then the new evolution…. is completely genius…..

Dram Reef
That’s right… it’s a flask… a functional flask that is opened with a key…. can you imagine what these guys could do if they were to tackle problems like cancer…. to bad it’s so hard to become a doctor so geniuses like this are forced to work in other fields… anyway you can buy them online at Amazon.com, search for the dram or fanning models or go to any other reef dealer … I think that technology is just great… and I’ll drink to innovation…


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