Pity Party

So it’s Easter Sunday. One of the major Christian religious holidays…. It is Huge!!!! As long as you are Christian… which I am…. from a Christian family….. But right now, contrary to what you would expect, I am not sitting in front of my computer like a big fat-ass gorging myself on jelly beans….. I would like to be…. but I am not…. cause I don’t have any jelly beans…. because for some unknown reason, my family did not celebrate Easter this year….. It was weird…. as a matter of fact, a couple of days ago I my mom didn’t even know that Easter was coming up…. I should have known then that something was up. Maybe I shouldn’t be upset… after all I am 25 years old…. and all my brothers are adults… and none of us have any kids yet…. but we should have at least had a family dinner….. I’m not asking for pity here…. but my roommate Josh got a whole bunch of candy and toys and stuff… and I didn’t get anything…. and to top it all of…. his parents got him the He-Man and the Masters Of the Universe best episodes edition…. and I didn’t get anything…..That’s it I am done bitching and feeling sorry for myself… enough pointless whining, I am actually going to do something to make things better…. That’s right…. I’m gonna go eat some of Josh’s candy and watch He-Man….


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