Maybe it’s time to grow up… maybe not.

So my roommate is moving to Australia… which is a big deal… and he keeps throwing away a lot of his stuff, cause naturally he can’t take everything with him…. but we keep finding all these treasures in the trash can…. it’s kind of like Christmas… for hobo children… very weird hobo children… luckily my friends and I fit into this category….. todays find was a bunch of action figures….. In their origional boxes their were X-files alien autopsy Mulder and Sculley and Gene Simmons from Kiss. They were obviously kept as collectibles in hopes of resale… but apparently the boxes got trashed…. so they did too, literally….. but we rescued them…. Now I never really got to have action figures as a kid. My parents wouldn’t buy them for us. We got cool things that other kids didn’t like a lot of cap guns and stuff, hell BB guns for that matter, but I would always have to play with my friends action figures, and never my own. Maybe that is why I had so much fun tonight….. or maybe I’m just messed up in the head. The other two parties involved will remain anonymous for their own protection… but I will openly admit to playing with these action figures…. as a matter of fact I even have picturesAction Figures
more action
even more action
I know it’s weird… But I blame part of that on the weird action figures…. I also found it funny when I went to my car to get my camera their were two cop cars in front of my house. One parked two cars behind mine, and one across the street. It really freaked me out, cause there was a Meth-house down the street that got busted a week ago, and the “reasonable cause” for busting them was 24 hour foot traffic. Well we have 24 hour foot traffic from all the band kids that we record…. so I thought it would have been funny if they would have kicked down our door…. and there we would be… three grown adults, playing with action figures…. there would be no way to convince them that we weren’t on drugs….. they probably wouldn’t believe the piss tests…. they would have to do blood tests and full psychological examinations…. maybe that would have been for our own good, but nothing happened they eventually just left.


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