Aaron Gone Wild – Spring Break ’07

Today was the last day of my spring break…. wild?… not really I ended up working all spring break….so today I was bored… so I checked www.memepool.com> which has random things that people find on the internet… but it hasn’t been very active lately but one thing I found on it was this video off of collegehumor.com and the video is pretty good which makes all my wasted time worth while…. especially for you cause you don’t have to look at gross pictures of some east european skin disorder… or watch a video about girls gone grabblin’ (which is almost worth it just to add the word “grabblin” into your vocabulary which is a term for catching catfish with your hands…. which might come in handy…. someday) but the whole point is that you don’t have to look at stupid websites about Mr. Muggles, which apparenty is a stupid Pomeranian from NBC’s show “Heroes,” but I didn’t know that so the link confused me and I had to spend like ten minute trying to figure out why Mr. Muggles was worth a link…. but he’s not it’s just a stupid dog from some show I have never seen…. but I have heard good things about the show… but that doesn’t matter what matters is that you can skip all this and just watch the only video that I think is worth your time at:


that’s all….


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